Under Eye Bags: Facts, Causes and Remedies

As a part of the natural aging process, we start slowing the production of collagen after the age of 30.  This gradually results in visible sagging and wrinkling of skin.  One of the most frequent complaints from out clients is that they see bags under their eyes and they are desperate to find a solution.  In this article, we will take a closer look at under eye Bags and puffiness, we’ll give you the facts, the causes and some possible solutions you can consider.  

About Eye Bags

There is something important about the eye area for human interaction.  Making eye contact is a customary part of our interpersonal relationships and as such people are self conscious about their eye area as signs of aging are visible.  This is why eye creams are so popular in almost every country around the world.  

There are many ‘home remedies’ out there on the internet, some helpful some not.  While they’re will always be a latest trend or hot topic to draw consumers attention, we believe the best way for our clients to get satisfying results is by educating them.  The more they know, the better they can navigate the Eye Cream marketplace; hopefully they have a few of our treasured serums in their regimen.  

What Causes Under Eye Bags?

As we age our skin comes more thin and weaker, this is caused by a drop in collagen.  As our skin weakens the muscles and tissue supporting our eye lids begin too sag.  This allows the normal fat that supports your eyes to slide down into the lower eye lid giving you the puffy appearance.  

Fluid is another contributor to the puffy eye bag look.  Salty foods can cause fluid retention which can make the appearance worse in the morning. Also keep in mind that tiny shadows can magnify the look of under eye bags, making them appear significantly worse than they actually are.  

Other causes of under-eye-bags:

  • Smoking
  • Not Enough Sleep
  • Allergies
  • Genetics (it can run in your family)
  • Fluid Retention

It should be noted that despite the unsightly nature of under eye bags, they are usually harmless provided they are not painful or itchy.  

What About Home Remedies?

The home remedy solutions found are the internet can vary quite a bit.  Some are silly and won’t help at all, others seem to be more productive.  We will run through a few logical tings you can do that are sure to benefit your skin, if they apply.  

Cold Compress – This is always a good idea for those looking to retain youthful looking eyes.  Don’t rush out and buy a face mask or anything.  A wet washcloth with cool water placed on the eyes for a few minutes periodically will do the trick.  

Sleep Well – Try to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep at night.  This is harder for some than for others.  Your body needs rest, if you want it to look its best, give it some rest.  

Quit Smoking – This is a no brainer.  If you smoke and are concerned with the onset of aging in your skin, quit.  Smoking accelerates each of the signs of aging from wrinkles, to skin texture, to discoloration and yup, eye bags.  

Less Salt – As we mentioned earlier salty foods causes fluid retention which contributes to under eye bags.  Less salt, less fluid, less bags. 

Cosmetic Eye Cream Solutions 

Smart skincare choices can always help you achieve younger looking skin, provided you are choosing the right active ingredients.  Do your homework and don’t fall for celebrity endorsements.  Smart choices are the key.  

Ingredients that Boost Collagen – If strengthening the skin under your eyes is the key to under eye bags, make sure you eye cream has ingredients to do that.  Ingredients such as Copper Peptides will boost collagen products, as will Retinol and Vitamin C.  You have options here, just make sure you choose wisely.  

Ingredients that Plump Dermal Matrix – deep hydration and moisture retention are important here.  Well-hydrated skin cells are plump, thick and strong, tightening up those saggy under eye bags.  Hyaluronic Acid is probably the best ingredient at accomplishing this task, and better yet it does it on contact.  Find HA as part of your under eye bag solution.  

Ingredients that Promote Fluid Drainage – These ingredients are slightly more difficult to come by, but they are out there if you know how to look.  Certain peptides will improve fluid drainage and help flush fat globules that have slid down into the lower eye lid.  The peptide compound we use is called EyeLiss.  We thing it is wonderful and we recommend it to our clients.  You can find other as well.  

Surgeries and Medical Procedures 

As always, there are a host of procedures and surgeries designed to keep your eyes looking young.  Many consumers can afford this option and love the results they get.  Of course, we have all seen the nightmare scenarios as well.  The right course is a personal choice.  We just want to provide as much information to our readers as possible, so that they can make the best choice for their particular situation.