Thinning Hair: Causes, Options and Thoughts

Thinning hair is rapidly becoming the hottest area of concern for men and women of age.  One in four women express concerns about thinning follicles and hair loss, and men are not far behind them.  Regardless of your sex and age, if your thinning hair bothers you there are options you can consider.  

Thinning hair can be hereditary, in fact it’s the leading cause of thinning hair and baldness.  Age is another factor, the number of active hair follicles is just going to naturally reduce the older you get.  Hormonal imbalances and scalp health also play significant roles.  Hair care, styling and a lifetime of damage is also to blame, and if your smart consider some changes.  

But before you go searching for miracle treatments and the latest scientific gadgets to help your cause, consider the fact that your diet and lifestyle choices may be impacting your hair growth more than you know.  Build up on your scalp can clog pores and restrict follicle growth.  Certain nutrient deficiencies reduce the thickness of hair as well as scalp coverage.  

Some times we manipulate our diets and neglect to ensure we are getting all of the essential nutrients we need for optimal health.  If thinning hair is a concern for you then make sure you are getting the bare minimum nutrients you need each day.  We are not suggesting that you go our and purchase an expensive hair growth supplement to take daily, although it might not hurt.  We are, however, suggesting that you take a daily multivitamin and round out your nutritional intake.

Options to Consider

In todays age of hyper consumerism, there is no shortage of options for consumers to consider.  A simple search online will reveal thousands of products, gadgets and solutions.  Here is a quick break down of the most common and widely used approaches.  

Surgery – Medical procedures are an option for those with the budget for it.  There are plenty of success stories out there, but keep in mind that there are also plenty nightmare botch jobs.  Do your research here, make sure you are confident in the practitioner.  

Prescription Medication – Prescriptions are an option to consider, you can speak with a medical professional to make sure they are right for you.  Some are taken orally and others applied to the scalp.  The costs are not overly excessive.  Sexual side effects are serious concern to consider.  Again, speak openly and honestly with your doctor to decide the best course of action. 

Organic Serums -The latest trend in thinning hair is organic solutions.  The costs are manageable.  These thinning hair serums and oils are designed to unclog and revitalize hair follicles.  Improving circulation and deep nourishment of the scalp can extend the follicle growth cycle, keeping hair thicker with better scalp coverage.  

Laser Gadgets and Caps – Another popular option is the use of lasers and light treatments.  Claims that stimulating the hair follicles and improving circulation, similar to the organic serums.  Costs go up with this option, but there are often payment plan options available.  Not all gadgets are created equally.  

Thoughts to Consider

If you are just noticing your thinning hair, plan on taking action.  Do not let a month go by while you waffle back and forth about whether or not your hair is thinning.  If you notice it, do something.  Acting quickly can make a difference.  

Take ownership of your choice.  Once you decide which option is the right choice for you…stick to it.  You are not going to see changes in a week.  Decide the option that is right for you and stay the course, only after 3-4 months can you honestly make any sort of evaluation.  Changing your mind, and missing applications will not get you anywhere.  

Sometimes small changes in dietary intake and lifestyle choices can make a big difference.  A multivitamin here, a new shampoo there.  Who knows, you might just find the solution you are looking for in surprising places.