Sustainable Skincare: Its Important to Consumers and the Planet

For years the beauty industry and more specifically the skincare industry has been shifting towards a more natural outlook.  What started out as consumers looking for all natural or organic products has now shipped towards sustainable products.  Many of our clients have inquired os to the sustainability of our products and many more have asked us, what exactly is Sustainable Skincare?

What Is Sustainable Skincare?

Sustainable skincare is sometimes referred to as Clean skincare by some consumers.  Essentially, what makes skincare sustainable is that it uses non-toxic ingredients, often found in nature, that are safe for both people and the planet.  These active ingredients must provide the uses the desired benefit while also providing environmental, social and economic benefits.  

While the buzz word ‘sustainable’ is a recent trend, the reality is that consumers have been slowly migrating towards brands that reflect their own ideologies.  The emergence of Indie Brands in the skincare industry, have given consumers alternatives to the legacy brands.  The result is a more responsive industry, where consumers seek out authentic brands who’s products and ideologies more closely reflect their own.

Sustainability is a key incentive for industries worldwide, an example set by the beauty industry.

A Work In Progress

While the shift toward non toxic ingredients is in full swing, eco friendly packaging is still lagging behind.  Many brands still offer fancy packaging, perhaps to provide consumers aesthetic expectations relative to price points.  Some brands have effectively switched to eco friendly alternatives, others have removed all excess packaging, providing consumers just what they need, no excess frills.  

Consumers opinions on this are still somewhat unclear.  Many claim to want the nicer packaging, but also want sustainability.  At times those two desires are at odds.  The marketplace is still adjusting to what true sustainability looks like.  

Setting The Example

The Skincare is a multi billion dollar industry.  The trends in skincare, typically have a ripple effect throughout other businesses and marketplaces.  It is important that we set the example for others on how to create luxurious skincare without the negative effects on the planet and animals around us.  

At Skinpeutics, we have been certified organic since our inception and we have always observed cruelty free practices in the testing of our products.  We pride ourselves on our ‘no frills’ luxury skincare and we believe that our customers loyalty to our brand has just as much to do with the results, as it does our socially responsible business model.  

As industry trends create more brands that mimic our sustainable approach, we welcome the shift and truly believe that the more companies offer responsible business models the better we can protect the earth