the Fortifying Creme Rinse

A Conditioner to protect and strengthen hair follicles, while providing nutrients and detangling benefits.


Intensive Damage Repair

Strengthen & Fortify Follicles

Heat (Styling) Protection

Instantly Conditions & Detangles


A Complex Approach to Treating and Nourishing Hair


Intensive Daily Damage Repair - Your hair Endures Significant Damage every day, and the natural aging process doesn’t do anyone any favors. The Fortifying Creme Rinse Moisturizes & Nourishes your Hair While working to Prevent Split Ends. Olive Leaf and Shea Butter combine to Restore and Repair stressed hair, so you can look your best.


Strengthens Damaged or Thinning Hair - Thinning Hair is a reality for many of our clients and with them in mind, we created this Creme Rinse. Shea Butter, Olive Leaf Extract, Tangerine Oil and Lavender Oil to promote New Hair Growth, Improve Collagen for Stronger, Thicker Looking Hair. Stronger Hair has less breakage and has a longer life cycle.


Protects Against Heat Damage - Blow Drying, Flat Irons and Styling in general cause damage to hair on a daily basis. Over a lifetime, this damage accumulates resulting in dry, brittle hair. This creme rinse is specifically designed to defend hair against the rigors of styling and heat damage. Lavender Oil, Olive Leaf and Shea Butter highlight a formula designed to strengthen and hydrate your hair.


Nourishes and Conditions - This rinse out conditioner leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable. The lovely scent of Lavender and Tangerine Oil combine for a pleasant but not overwhelming fragrance. The formula is organic, has never been tested on animals and is paragon free. Just like our skincare formulas, we take great care in each ingredient we choose.


Fortifies, Moisturizes and Protects Split Ends - Dry hair can become Frizzy and develop Split Ends. A good conditioner will smooth your hair, hydrate and repair frayed ends. The Fortifying Creme Rinse combines Olive Leaf and Tangerine Oil with Lavender Oil to Repair Split Ends, Promote Collagen and Restore Your Hair’s Natural Luster and Shine.


Defends Against Environmental Aggressors - The science on environmental damage to your skin and hair is undeniable. While we can’t always avoid environmental aggressors, we can take steps to protect our hair against the damage. The StimuScalp Fortifying Creme Rinse has you covered. Our scientists have thought of it all, so you can relax knowing you & Your Hair and Protected.

The Ingredients of this Hair Conditioner are Key to It's Success

Each container of Stimuscalp Fortifying Creme Rinse contains only the highest quality, medical grade ingredients. Better yet, this hair conditioner contains Certified Organic Ingredients, so you can be confident you are getting the Absolute Best Hair Care Product.

Shea Butter

Filled with Vitamins A and E along with essential fatty acids, shea butter has both emollient and healing properties. Shea Butter works to Reduce Dryness and Prevent Split Ends. Fatty acids also Reduce Frizz, Improve Shine while Smoothing the Hair Shaft. Responsible for deep Hydration and Strengthening of the hair, Shea Butter has shown to Protect Hair from Heat Damage caused by Blow Drying, Flat Irons and Other Styling Methods.

Olive Leaf Extract
Lavender Oil
Tangerine Oil

The scientific research has shown that this is one seriously effective hair conditioner. From the Certified Organic formula to the thousands of satisfied customer testimonials, with Stimuscalp by Skinpeutics, you can feel confident that your hair will look its best.


“I was first introduced to the Creme Rinse through the Thinning Hair Special Offer. At the time I was primarily focused on my thinning hair and was looking for a solution. I had come across your Follicle Revitalizing Serum and decided to give the set a try. After just a few uses I realized that I absolutely adored the Creme Rinse. May hair is normally dry and brittle but not when I use this conditioner regularly. I am so thankful for my Thicker, Silky Smooth hair!”

“I have been blow drying and coloring my hair for most of my adult life. My hair was badly damaged. I purchased the Creme-Rinse for a daily repair and for additional heat protection for my blow drying. Each night I massage it into my hair, right down to the tips. Anyway, I love it. I cannot believe how much healthier my hair looks and I swear it has more shine than ever! When you say damage repair, you weren’t kidding. I have told everyone I know about it and you can be sure I will be a lifetime user.”

“I started using the Fortifying Creme Rinse along with the Volume Activating Cleanser about 3 months ago. I used them each time I showered and changed nothing else in my routine. To my surprise, I could see results after only a few weeks. My hair was thicker. Where my hair seemed thin along my part, now looked stronger and healthier. I have been very impressed. I recently began using the Follicle Revitalizing Serum and I am already noticing the change. I am confident the results will continue. I will spread the word to my friends and family. StimuScalp is the best!”

“The Fortifying Creme-Rinse is the best daily repair conditioner out there. I have literally tried hundreds of them! I found the Creme-Rinse about a year ago and have been using it ever since. No matter what I put my hair through I love the way it leaves my hair feeling at the end of the day. P.S. Make a Bigger Bottle so I can stock up”

“My daughter in law told me about your company. She uses your skincare products and when we discussed my hair, she recommended I take a look and see if y’all have anything I might like. I bought the creme-rinse because I was looking for something to moisturize my hair and make it stronger. I swear I’d pull more hair out every time I’d brush it. It has been just over 3 months and I have to say this conditioner is wonderful. I could not be happier with the results. I have already purchased more and will continue to tell all my friends about your lovely company.”


When applying the Fortifying Creme Rinse, be sure evenly work the product throughout your hair. Be sure to concentrate on the tips or anywhere you are seeing damaged hair. This wonderful Creme Rinse is ideal for thinning or damaged hair. If you are looking for a daily damage repair product, this is it.


Step One – Thoroughly wet and Shampoo your hair. (Preferably with the StimuScalp Volume Activating Cleanser, for best results) Rinse Completely.

Step Two – Apply a generous amount of conditioner to wet hair. Massage into the hair evenly. Make sure to focus on damaged areas and the ends of your hair. Leave creme on your hair for at least 1 minute. Rinse completely.

The Fortifying Creme Rinse is the Ultimate Conditioner for Damaged or Thinning Hair. Whether your damage is Age Related, Enivronmentally stressed, or Damaged from Brushing and Blow Drying. Daily Damage Repair at its Best. Say goodbye to brittle, thinning, damaged hair once and for all.


Your Satisfaction Matters

You’re Protected By Our GUARANTEE. If the miraculous success stories, the rock-solid science, and the amazing pictures aren’t enough to make you feel 100% secure in purchasing the product, we will go 1 step further! You get a 30 day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, where if you are unsatisfied for any reason, just return the products for a CREDIT. This way, you get to try this fantastic product practically risk free!

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