Protecting Florida’s Ocean and Coastal Environments

The Skinpeutics brand is based out of South Florida and therefore the ocean and coastal environments are very near and dear to our hearts.  Not only does our state’s economy rely upon the ocean’s resources, our coasts serve as treasured sanctuaries.  The crystal clear waters are as much a part of our community as those of us who live here.  

The Concern

Despite being blessed with these coastal environments, there are many environmental challenges that have negatively affected us in recent years.  Sure the oceans plastics problem and pollution seems to flow everywhere, but the trouble doesn’t stop there.  Harmful algal blooms have plagued our waterways and droughts a few years ago killed over 40,000 acres of seagrass.  

In 2018 there was the worst blue-green algae bloom in our state’s history, keeping visitors and residents out of the water.  Imagine the impact it had on the Manatee population and the marine life.  Coral reefs are being impacted and sea life of all kind are vacating our waters. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a massive Red Tide crisis had devastating impact.  All of this, just within the past few years.  

Algal Blooms are devastating to the Marine life and waterways that surround and support our community.

Enough is Enough 

We can not, in good conscious, ignore the problem and pretend it isn’t happening.  We wanted to do out part.  For this reason we are pledging a portion of every sale to charities and foundations that preserve and protect our Florida Ocean and Coastal Environment.  

Saving the Oceans is a passion project for us, we are constantly surrounded by their beauty, and are especially grateful for all that they offer us.  Skinpeutics will continue to pledge proceeds each year and we hope to make real change.  We take great care in creating our Organic & Vegan Skincare products.  The extracts, botanicals and oils that make up our skincare products are all found in Nature.  We must all do our part to protect the earth’s resources for generations to come.  Please join us and take action.  

Knowing proceeds from a purchase will benefit a good cause is a fantastic start.  But we hope to inspire you to do all that you can.  A local beach cleanup, a direct donation, making some phone calls to your representatives, even just spreading the word to peers and like minded individuals.  It all helps.  Together, we can do more.