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What Makes the Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel Better than the Competition is the Combination of the Latest Medical Grade Treatments with Thousand Year Old Natural Remedies

In skincare, new treatments and approaches to healing damaged skin are constantly being researched and developed. In order to find the most effective scar treatment, it is important to take advantage of the latest scientific findings without overlooking some of the most effective and proven healing methods of the last thousand years. The Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel is the perfect example of that. This award winning, scar healing formula is the ideal combination of both worlds, and you are sure to be shocked by the amazing results.

Promotes Rapid Wound Healing – Healing scars quickly is a priority for most. While there is no overnight ‘miracle’ scar treatment out there, SkinPeutics as specifically formulated this powerful scar treatment to deliver fast results. Whether you suffer from surgical scars, rough keloid type scars or minor discoloration from acne scarring, this Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel will leave your skin looking its best.

Reduces the Discoloration of Scarring – The discoloration of scars makes your scars more visible to others. The Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel penetrates the scars, delivering the needed treatment to remove discoloration and reduces the overall visibility of scar tissue.

Heals Keloid or Bumpy Scars – Keloid scars and raised or bumpy scars are among the most unsightly of scars. Others suffer from uneven skin texture scars such as “pitting” from chicken pox or acne scars. The SkinPeutics Scar Gel is designed to break down the scar tissue, healing what can be saved and removing the dead or damaged cells. By growing new skin cells to replace the damaged or scarred tissue, this powerful scar gel can heal your scars in no time.

Protects and Seals Scar Tissue – The latest scientific research shows that scar tissue heals faster and more effectively by sealing and protecting it with an outer layer. The SkinPeutics Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel provides your scars the much needed protection it needs to create an ideal environment for your skin to heal itself.

The Science Behind this Peptide Scar Gel will Amaze you with its Results

Each container of this Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel uses the very best scar healing ingredients that money can buy. Even better, every SkinPeutics product is Certified Organic, so you can feel confident you are the best scar treatment without the use of harsh chemicals and additives. With SkinPeutics, you can rest assured you are getting the Absolute Best.


This powerful peptide has been featured at industry conferences and awarded countless recognition for its amazing healing powers. Acting as a messenger, Collaxyl triggers your skin to begin cellular regeneration. This rapid growth and division of skin cells allows your skin to heal and replace the damaged scar tissue with new undamaged skin.

Rose Hip Oil

The research shows that this is one serious scar healing formula. We all love Certified Organic Products, but let’s face it, what we want most is results. SkinPeutics’ Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel is scientifically proven to outperform the competition. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.


When applying the SkinPeutics Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel, be sure to cover the scar completely. There is no advantage to using more gel, just be sure to have even coverage of the scar for best results.


Step One – Rinse the affected area with warn water to remove any excess dirt and oils. Apply a High Quality Cleanser (preferably SkinPeutics cleanser, for best results). Be sure to gently massage into your face with your finger tips and rinse with warm water until removed completely.

Step Two – Gently massage the gel over the scar until fully absorbed. This should be done twice daily usually in the morning and in the evening. Do not exceed 3 applications per day.

The Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel will penetrate your scar tissue and stimulate the healing process. It protects, moisturizes and seals the scar to provide your skin optimal conditions to heal itself. Whether you suffer from minor acne scarring, stretch marks, or your scars are larger and more significant, SkinPeutics has created the ideal scar treatment for your needs.


Your Satisfaction Matters

You’re Protected By Our GUARANTEE. If the miraculous success stories, the rock-solid science, and the amazing pictures aren’t enough to make you feel 100% secure in purchasing the Peptide Scar Gel, we will go 1 step further! You get a 30 day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, where if you are unsatisfied for any reason, just return the products for a CREDIT. This way, you get to try this fantastic product practically risk free!


After my accident, I really never though my face would heal completely. I struggled emotionally to deal with the reality of my new appearance. When I purchased SkinPeutics I was not expecting my scars to vanish, just to get some small improvement. Needless to say I was blown away by your scar gel. In less than a month I saw significant improvement, by the end of my second month I looked like a new man. Thank you SkinPeutics.

I have always been a beach goer but after I had my C-Section, I never felt confident enough to put my bikini back on. I tried all of the products at my local stores but nothing worked. Within a month of using SkinPeutics regularly not only did my scar looked worlds better, I had regained my confidence enough to share my love of the beach with my little girl. This is a wonderful treatment.

My brother actually recommended your product to me. His doctor had said it would help him with his surgical scar, but I wanted to see if it would heal my stretch marks. Holy Cow, does it ever! You may want to recommend that to other women out there who hate their stretch marks because this stuff wiped them out in a few weeks. I never expected such great results. I have told everyone I know about this gel.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been dealing with this “pox” like scarring on my cheeks. I think it is left over from acne back in the day, but I have never been able to completely heal. I was hoping to reduce the scarring, I don’t like the pitting, makes me very insecure. The peptide and silicone scar gel not only healed my scars, I swear it got rid of some wrinkles too…..bonus! Thanks SkinPeutics

My daughter suffered an accident that left her leg scarred. I did a bunch of research online trying to find a product that would really help her heal. It broke my heart to see her hide her scars and avoid activities where it would be visible. When we purchased the Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel, we were hopeful it would help reduce the visibility, but we had no idea how much it would help her confidence. My little girl is back to her normal outgoing self. Your scar gel worked wonders on her leg, but you have healed much more than her skin. Thank you.

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