Starting at $39.99

Boost Nitric Oxide and Male Virility naturally. Find out why so many men are feeling young, strong, and full of vigor with Mascugen.


Starting at $39.99

Boost Testosterone and Nitric Oxide naturally. Find out why so many men are feeling young, strong, and full of vigor with Mascugen.

Boost Nitric Oxide Levels Naturally

Increased Muscle Mass and Stamina

Lift Energy and Vitality Levels

Boost Libido and Male Drive


What are the Benefits of Taking Mascugen?


Boost energy levels naturally.  Get more out of your workouts and boost performance in the Gym. MascuGen helps you Build Lean Muscle Mass, Speed Recovery and allow for greater Protein Synthesis, Growth Hormone Secretion and Nitrogen Retention. For harder, stronger, more youthful muscles, Mascugen can help.


Age related muscle loss and a lowered male drive are common conditions associated with normal aging.  Mascugen can help Restore Muscle Mass and Improve Male Drive.  If you feel like your missing something and you cant quite put your finger on the solution, Mascugen is for you.


Many men suffer from a lack of sexual performance and even sexual desire.  If prescription drugs aren't your thing, MascuGen delivers your body the nutrients it needs to Increase Blood Flow, Improve Sexual Performance and Increase Sexual Desire naturally.


Men looking to Enhance Athletic Performance. MascuGen's formula targets muscles and increases blood flow. This improves recovery time and allows for more effective muscle building. If you are an athlete striving for the Next Level, MascuGen is the boost you need.


Taking MascuGen helps you Have Energy and Drive. Don't let father time dictate how your body looks and feels. MascuGen will boost lean muscle mass, burn fat and having you feeling young and virile in no time.


Sexual Desire and Sexual Performance can often come at a moments notice. Stopping and having to take pills and wait until they kick in, spoils the moment. MascuGen's daily pill, helps you be Ready whenever the Moment Arises!



You've been around the block. You're Wiser than you used to be, but let's Face It, You don't Feel the Same as you used to. Whether you are looking to Boost Your Performance in the Gym, the Bedroom, or simply want to feel more like a Man Again, MascuGen is the Solution you have been Waiting For.

MascuGen's Award Winning Formula will Increase Muscle Mass, Burn Fat and Enhance Your Athletic and Sexual Performance. This powerful formula will even provide you the Heart Health Benefits you need as you reach this age. You are not alone, millions of Men felt the exact same way you do, but found that with MascuGen, they could reclaim their masculinity naturally, on their own.

As we age, it is normal and natural for our bodies to change. Hormones and NO production slows and gradually our Muscle Mass, Body and Spirit are altered. MascuGen provides your body the Man Boosting Power it needs to Increase Muscle Mass, Improve Athletic and Sexual Performance, Burn Fat and Feel Like Yourself Again.



The Science behind MascuGen uses some of the most Medically Advanced ingredients in the world to deliver Fast and Effective Results you can See and Feel. By providing your body what it needs to boost muscle growth, burn fat, Increase Blood Flow and Enhance Athletic Performance, MascuGen can have you looking and feeling your best in no time.

The Loss of Sexual Drive and Performance is something that many men go through as they age. MascuGen provides your body what it needs to help Get into the Mood and just as importantly to be able to Perform when the Moment Arises.

MascuGen is an all natural supplement designed to deliver a Fast and Effective Boost for your aging Body. Our unique blend of ingredients will help you boost NO production, increase muscle mass, and stimulate protein synthesis, growth hormone secretion and nitrogen retention. In short, it makes you look and feel like more of a man.


We hear from men who hadn't been to the gym in years. Men who have allowed life to get the best of them. MascuGen has helped them feel better and boost muscle growth so that they can regain their former physique and look their best.

We hear from professional athletes who are looking for the muscle building boost they need to get to the next level. Whether body building or athletics, MascuGen will give you the edge you need to our perform the competition. This wonder pill will deliver the results where others have failed.

We hear from men who found themselves with a lack of sexual desire. They had reached a point where they honestly didn't care about sexual contact or the frequency of it. MascuGen helped them regain their sexual desire and appetite. In fact, we have thousands of wives who thank us too!

Sexual Performance is an area of big concern for many men. When the moment arises, you want to have confidence that you can perform the way that you used to. MascuGen will deliver the blood flow and performance you need to shine in the spotlight.

Building Muscle Mass and Improving Muscle Tone is on every man's list to change about their body. Don't let another year go by without getting the changes that you desire. MascuGen will help you build muscle and burn the fat to have you looking your best in no time. If you want to boost your physique, MascuGen is the answer you are looking for.

The stories go on and on. We have heard from men, both young and old who have wanted to boost muscle mass, enhance athletic and sexual performance and have you feeling young and virile in no time.


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Customer Testimonials

I have tried a handful of these type of workout products that claim to also have benefits of energy, drive, etc for men who are aging. I am telling you, this product does everything it says, and then some. It's not overnight, so don't get your hopes up. It takes a couple of weeks to start to become aware that you're feeling more alive and more verile. I don't work out, but when I play any sport, I can feel the energy, and I also feel more alive in the bedroom, which i really needed. - Carlos Orlando

I started taking Mascugen just two weeks ago and I am beyond impressed. I was at a cross road in my life, wondering at 50 if the person I once was, was gone. I began to search the web for somthing to pull me out of my depressed state and found a review on products to help me. Took the 19.99 Mascugen challenge and after the first week I was unimpressed. By the middle of week two WOW! I'm back. I will never be without this product and i'll be telling all my friends who've made sly comments about ageing be hell to take the Mascugen challenge they will not be disappointed. Thank you makers of Mascugen I'm looking forward to golf season as I know I'll have agreat year. Oh, my wife can't keep her hands off me. I'm once again getting that look from her that says "Damn u da man".  - Warren Robinson

Wow. Almost immediate sense of energy and desire. It sounds funny, but it really is sort of like being young again. I have energy to go out to dinner and entertain and pursue my wife. IT's great. - Mitch V.

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