Lip Treatments and Masks Trending in 2020

Skincare companies have been creating anti aging treatments for decades.  Products that focus on wrinkles, sagging skin and your aging eye area jump to the forefront of our minds.  Over the years, treatments have become more specific, more targeted.  Individualized skincare is trending with consumers in 2020, and with technology leading the way, this shift in consumer demand is sure to continue.  Rarely are there new breakthroughs for ‘categories’ of skincare.  A new type of wrinkle treatment is discolored, but no one is rediscovering that wrinkles can be treated topically.  

That is what makes the latest trend in skincare care so interesting.  Lip treatments and lip masks have become exceedingly popular in recent years, and while they are not necessarily new product ideas, modernized formulas have emerged as a new product segment for skincare manufacturers.  

Do You Want Soft Lips?

Most people answer with a resounding yes.  Of course we want soft lips, who doesn’t?  We use lip balms and hydrating glosses, that does the trick right?  Not quite, according to the experts.  Lip masks and daily lip treatments are growing increasingly more popular world wide and industry experts expect to see many more brands offering solutions by the end of 2020.

What is a Lip Mask? 

Lip Masks are treatments designed to hydrate your lips.  The skin on your lips is thin and prone to problems.  You may have noticed changes in the weather, climate and even altitude can affect how your lips are feeling.  Preventing your lips from becoming chapped, and rough is one thing, but are your lips kissably soft?  

This is what lips masks are all about.  Deep hydration to keep your lips soft and smooth and consumers swear it helps them look more youthful and confident.  

Some formulas will incorporate collagen or anti aging ingredients to stimulate collagen.  Some lip masks are designed to plump the lips with results that claim to last long term.  

What to Look For in Lip Masks?

As is the case with all skincare, deciding which brand or product to choose from can be tough.  Many consumers turn to Celebrity endorsements or Instagram influencers.  The reality is that you know your skin better than anyone.  The ingredients and brands you believe will work the best are the best option, much more successful than trial and error of products others enjoyed.  

What is a Lip Treatment?

Lip treatments are intended to soften and nourish the skin of your lips just like a lip mask.  The difference is that lip treatments are used daily or twice daily and a lip mask would be used weekly.  Depending on your schedule and your particular needs, a daily treatment may be a better fit than the more time consuming lip mask.  

What’s the Price Range?

Lip Masks and lip treatments can range significantly in prices.  This is common with most skincare.  Some companies offer reduced price products to fit consumers with limited budgets and some companies offer luxurious formulas for those consumers that seek the best money can buy.  Generally speaking, consumers can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $40-$80 depending on your wish list.  

In Summary

When you stop and think about it most people use a lip product for damaged lips, such as a crack or split lip.  You also see consumers who are hoping too artificially plump the appearance of their lips.  Anti aging lip treatments and masks are designed to keep your lips looking nourished, youthful and kissably soft.  Just your lips looking their best.  

Consumers can expect to see an emerging trend late 2020 / early 2021 as lip masks and daily lip treatments are growing increasingly more popular around the world.  Take some time to check out your options, we think you are likely to enjoy the benefits that these treatments have to offer.