Celebrity Endorsements Mislead & Manipulate Consumers

It’s difficult for aging Americans to look in the mirror without wishing, on some level, that their skin looked younger.  Whether lines and wrinkles sneak into the eye area or jaw lines lose some of their firmness, we all have a list of things we wish looked better about our skin.  This naturally leads many of us to scour the internet searching for the solution to all of our problems.  Little do we know  that we are unknowingly entering into a marketplace filled with deceit, over hype and outright lies.

Anti Aging skincare is multi billion dollar a year industry.  Consumers worldwide are eager to seek out anti aging serums, creams and surgeries, some with little regard to the prices they pay.  For the financially well off medical procedures, surgeries, expensive serums and regular injections have become popular.  For those individuals who cannot to spend thousands of dollars, the anti aging marketplace is much more murky and difficult to navigate.  

Big Dollar Marketing Campaigns are Persuasive 

Katy Perry Endorses Proactiv

For starters, almost every brand of anti aging skincare claims that their products are the ‘best.’  While we understand the manufacturer standinging behind and believing in their products you rarely see commercials that say “ehh. You may get some benefits if you use the cream twice daily for 6 months, but mostly you will spend that time wondering if the money was worth it.”  That approach isn’t going to sell many serums, but for many products its closer to the truth than we may want to admit.  

Let’s take informercials as an example.  We have all seen Infomercials with Celebrity Endorsements.  This marketing ploy is designed to persuade you.  It’s intended to make you feel that if you use the same cream as this super model, you will have similar, youthful looking skin.  Forget about the fact that you yourself are not a super model, or that a celebrities genetics may be different than yours.  These infomercials have a way of connecting our feelings of desire to look younger with the beautiful looking skin of a Celebrity.  At its root, it’s downright misleading.  

Jennifer Aniston Endorses Aveeno Skincare.

Intellectually, we are able to understand that the celebrity is being PAID to put their name on the product.  Maybe they receive a percentage of the profits, maybe it’s just money to say they use the product, but either way consumers are being fooled, manipulated even. 

Another commonly used marketing tactic is what we like to call the Rare Ingredient ploy.  In this particular manipulation consumers are led to believe that some ‘miracle’ ingredient has been discovered that will turn back the hands of time.  Maybe it’s a ‘Rare Melon from France’ perhaps it’s an ingredient discovered from some exotic location like a rain forest or from the depths of the bluest oceans.  It seems silly when you stop and think about it, yet millions of consumers fall victim to these marketing ploys every year.  Few of them wind up satisfied with their purchase.  

Consumers Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

The internet and TV may be mediums for consumers to be influenced, but these mediums also allow consumers to seek out quality information.  Remember, the one thing that you can trust about anti aging skincare is science that supports active ingredients.  Ingredients that work have typically been studied.  There is scientific data that supports the use of these types of ingredients. It may be romantic to think about some flower in a rainforest that may stop aging, but for our money it’s better to see the evidence in black and white.  The internet provides consumers the ability to seek that science out.  

Consumers that investigate ingredients, brand reputation and consumer reviews have higher rates of satisfaction.

Another aspect of the internet that is helpful to consumers is Consumer Reviews.  When a verified customer of Company X, provides a real review of their experience using the products, it provides consumers insight into what their experience may be.  Now reviews can be manipulated too, so it becomes important for consumers to not take each review on face value, but rather consider them as a whole.  Read multiple reviews of a product, forget the ones that say its the most amazing thing they have ever seen and disregard the ones that say its straight garbage.  For most consumers, the experience lies somewhere in between.  Consider those reviews and use them as a data point to consider before making your purchase.  

Consumers Apply What They’ve Learned for Smarter Purchases

If you have identified anti aging ingredients that science actually supports using, you can narrow down the list of companies that offer products that contain said ingredients.  Factor in the reviews of verified customers and you should begin to have a ‘feeling’ about which products or brands you are considering.  

Lastly, comes your trust in the brand.  Many brands are socially conscious and give back to certain charities or causes that may resonate with you.  Other brands will use only Certified Organic Ingredients, which is wildly popular with consumers.  Perhaps it is important to you that no animals are harmed with the testing of creams and serums.  This is a personal component to your purchase process, but you should feel confident in the product formula as well as the brand before you make the plunge.