CBD Skincare Products: What’s The Deal?

CBD oils and extracts have made quite the impression in the past few years.  The consumer shift towards natural beauty and wellness products, provides an opportunity for CBD products to flourish.  Google is reporting that the number of searches for ‘CBD Skincare’ has increased by over 350% in the past year.  

With all the buzz surrounding CBD Oil and natural skincare products it makes sense that the two would merge.  Consumer trends suggest this is a popular coupling, but what exactly does CBD Skincare do that other products do not. 

What is CBD Skincare?

CBD is Cannabidiol, an extract of the hemp plant.  Yes this plant is in the family of the marijuana plant, but due to low concentrations of THC (ingredient that gets you high) it is suggested CBD oil doesn’t give you a buzz.  

What CBD Skincare does is actually still somewhat of a debate.  There is no actual evidence that supports the use of CBD for a specific cure. There is some anecdotal evidence that CBD can be used to reduce or regulate the production of sebum (oil) common in acne prone skin.  Thought process being if you can regulate the sebum, you can reduce acne breakouts.  In addition, it seems that CBD skincare products can reduce inflammation, redness and swelling.  

This means CBD has the potential to benefit acne sufferers.  This all natural solution is right up the alley of many consumers.  Regardless of the scientific date supporting it.  

The differences between Hemp and Marijuana are significant. The more scientists learn through studies the more serious consumers can take CBD Skincare.

Are There Any Concerns?

Despite the promising stories of CBD working on inflammation and sebum control when used topically, there is still a lot more to learn.  Many consumers consider CBD to be all natural, and therefore no reason for concern.  In reality CBD based products do not have much in the way of regulation or even a complete understanding of what and how CBD Oil works.  

There has been studies of the inaccuracies of labeling of CBD products.  It is important for labels to be accurate for obvious reasons.  In addition, the FDA have flagged CBD as concerning as it may have damaging side effects to the liver and concerns of other drug interactions.  


The studies suggesting the benefits of CBD for controlling acne are certainly exciting, but they are far from complete and the research continues.  While it is known that there are benefits, we do not fully understand the risks or even what form of CBD works best.  

There are plenty of brands out there offering these products and plenty of consumers to gobble them up.  But before you take the plunge make sure you realize the science is far from complete and you are not assured an experience without side effects.